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The Love of Mother and Daughter

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September 05, 2006 at 05:07:36:

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Ken Prather
August 24, 2006 at 16:16:37:

My mother and I were best of friends. When she passed away in Sept of 1980 it was a devastating time for me. The one item of hers that she had told my Dad to give to me was a ring she had had made from jewelry she had of my grandmothers. I always have loved jewelry and she knew I loved that ring.
One evening about 2 months after she had died, I was going with two of my friends to a resturant in Mount Baldy in California. I had worn the ring even though it was loose on my finger because it just made me feel closer to my mother. I was grieving deeply over loosing her. I asked my friends to please pull over in a turnout as I needed to go to the bathroom. It was pitch black outside and the turnout was at the top of a cliff with the road we came up on, below. I walked to the edge of the cliff and when I stood up, the ring fell off my finger. I dropped to the ground hesterically crying and feeling for it. My friends got out of the car and came running over to see what was wrong. Bob started feeling the ground in the dark with me, and Joy went to get the car to aim it over where we were with the lights on. In what seemed like only a few seconds, Bob took my hand and placed the ring in it! We got back in the car, and I was trying to stop crying and we were all talking about how he found it in the dark so quickly. He said we looked down the side of the cliff and it was on the ground almost like it was glowing with light around it. He climbed down and got it, and then said he was so glad that Joy was there and helped pull him back up the cliff. We were all stunned! Joy was over getting the car, there was no one else there!!
WOW! I can still picture everything like it was just yesterday! I was SO upset about the ring being lost it was like loosing part of my mother again. I KNOW AN ANGEL WAS THERE!  

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