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Blessings In The Cold!!
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: As I went to the drugstore one Winter day, I saw something happen that touched my soul so much, that I have to share it with the world.
: It was extremely cold outside with the wind blowing the snow sideways. As I walked into the drugstore I couldnt help but hear the sound of the bell ringing by a Salvation Army kettle. The gentleman ringing the bell looked extremely cold and tired, but when someone walked by he would say Merry Christmas with a huge smile, regardless on rather they had put money in the kettle or not.
: A young woman and her daughter walked upto the kettle to give a donation, when all of a sudden the young woman said, " Oh! Im sorry, I didnt bring any cash with me, only my credit card."You could tell the young woman wasnt making this up, because she looked very embarressed. Her daughter who was around four or five years old broke down in tears. With a very sad face the little girl said, " but mommy I wanted to help the people. " So as I was getting ready to go outside and give the little girl a dollar to put it in kettle, something happened so touching that it brought a tear to my eye.
: Here was this cold and tired volunteer bell ringer reaching into his pocket, and out came a quarter. I continued to watch him gently lay the quarter on the ground. Then when the little girl and her mother was getting ready to leave, he said to the little girl, " Hey! look down there on the ground, its a quarter, and its yours if you pick it up." The little girl picked up the quarter, and looked up at the Salvation Army volunteer with a huge smile on her face and said, " Thank you, God must have sent me this quarter so I could put it in your kettle." With that said, the little girl dropped the quarter into the kettle, and her and her mother went on their way.
: As I stared out the doorway at this wonderful and beautiful soul ( Salvation Army volunteer) I developed a tear in my eye, and I knew there was one more thing I had to buy. I walked back into the drugstore to purchase one last item. As I walked backout to the volunteer at the kettle I dropped a dollar in the kettle, and the gentleman looked at me with a big smile on his face and said Merry Christmas to me. I then turned to him and said, " Merry Christmas to you to, and by the way, I dont even think that God should be working out here with no gloves on. " with that said I handed him a pair of thermal gloves, and then we both had a tear in our eye. As I turned to walk away he said, " Sir, whats your name? " I replied by saying, " my name is Ken. " It was at that point he said, " Bless you Ken. " I turned to him as our eyes met for the last time and I said, " Thanks, thats the second time I have been blessed today. The first time was just watching you."

: Reaching For Joy
: Ken
It brought more than a tear to my eye, as a flood of tears roll down my cheek. Kindness is a joy to behold. It does my heart and soul good. It is needed more than ever, at this time on this planet. Thank you Ken. Much joy and blessings to you and your children. Janis


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