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Waiting In The Light!!

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Ken Prather
August 31, 2006 at 10:56:37:


I was sitting at home one day when I recieved a phone call from one of the nursing homes where Reaching For Joy has its memory therapy program. The director of nursing, and the social worker told me that they had a resident there who was 92 years old, and was suffering from deep depression and withdrawel from society. He was a WW11 veteran, and had spent 40 years in the U.S. Army, and had retired as a General.
This man who we shall call Joe had been a resident in the nursing home for two months. Joes wife had crossed over just three months ago, and they had been married for 70 years ( WOW ). On this Memorial Day weekend Joe was deeply depressed, and had no family members of friends to come and visit with him. His wife and him never had children, and his friends had long since crossed over to the Other Side
The nurse asked me if I could come over and talk with him for awhile since he hadnt left his room for nearly two weeks. I arrived at the nursing home and went directly to Joes room. Joe was sitting in a dark corner of the room with the blinds shut. I introduced myself to Joe and asked him if I could sit and chat for awhile, and he replied, " Yes " But only for a little while because he was very tired. As we sit and shared thoughts with each other Joe began to cry, and reached out to hold my hand. He then shared his heart and soul with me, and its a moment I shall NEVER forget. He looked at me and said, " I came back from WW11 and my wife was waiting for me. I came back from the Korean conflict and my wife was waiting for me. I was an advisor in the Vietnam war, and when I returned my wife was waiting for me. " Then with tears rolling down his cheeks he continued to say, " but when I got home from the store three months ago, my wife wasnt waiting for me, as they had rushed her to the hospital with a massive Heart Attack. " I then looked at Joe with tears in my eyes and said, " Trust me, when you go home the next time your wife WILL be waiting for you with open and loving arms."
I then looked at Joe and asked him if I could open the blinds a little. When I opened the blinds the Sun shined into the room, and Joe smiled for the first time in a long, long time. I explained to Joe that his wife was now in the Light surrounded by love and happiness, and that he should continue to feel her love even though he couldnt see her in a physical sense. I asked Joe if he wanted to go outside in the courtyard, and enjoy the LIGHT and warmth of the day. Joe just looked at me and held out his hand, and with that we went outside to the smiles of the staff as we passed on our way out the door. I had one more idea though before I left, but this would take a couple phone calls. After the phone calls and talking to the director of nursing, I went back outside to see Joe one more time. I asked Joe if he would like to be in a Memorial Day parade with some other war veterans. That a nuse would go with him and that he could ride on a float. Joe just stared at me, and then gave me one of the biggest hugs I have had in a long time. Joe just stared at me and said," how can I ever repay you? " My reply, " you already have, welcome home soldier." Within 24 hours, from a dark dreary corner of a room, to a Sunny Memorial Day Parade with Joes wife waiting for him again. Not bad, NOT BAD AT ALL.

Reaching For Joy

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