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OOPS I entered the poem twice because I thought it didn't come up the first time. However, I also added his Compassionate Friends Webpage at the bottom of this one.


: My poem for our son. Barb

: Quentin Mitchell Stacy
: was a special little guy.
: He could make you smile with laughter,
: or at least he sure would try.

: His grin was so mischievous
: as if up to some sly task
: If anyone should question him
: he'd respond with,
: "Why do you ask"?

: His love of school was obvious.
: Science and Math he loved the best.
: He loved to go exploring.
: Digging up dinosaur bones was his quest.

: He really loved his teachers
: his first 3 years at school.
: He made the comment more than once
: that they were "really cool".

: Each day we'd ask Quentin
: what was the best and worst part of his day.
: "No bad parts just good
: and I saw my brothers at lunch"
: was what he'd always say.

: His love for family was strong,
: especially for Jacob, his twin brother.
: They'd trade identities to fool everyone
: even though they didn't look like each other.

: One thing that is for certain...
: that boy sure loved to eat.
: Wendy's classic single and Little Caesars pizza
: tied as his favorite dinner treat.

: At home he'd ask for root beer
: with hot dogs and macaroni and cheese.
: He really liked the simple things
: and was very easy to please.

: There are so many more memories about this kid
: that we would love to share.
: Most will make you laugh and hopefully,
: make his death a bit easier to bear.

: He'd prefer you all to smile
: and remember good times past.
: Review your life's priorities
: since time seems to pass by so fast.

: It's strange to think that Quentin's death
: may have actually caused some good.
: How a little eight year old
: can touch so many lives.
: We never understood.

: So much love was shown during our time of loss
: as the community helped us out.
: But Quentin knew within his heart,
: it's what God's love is all about.

: Be good in Heaven, honey,
: and use your best manners.
: We love you.

: Love, Mom, Dad, Andy, Krysta, Alex, Zac and Jacob


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